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Research Wednesdays: Craft, Pedagogy and the Digital Challenge

Research Wednesdays: Craft, Pedagogy and the Digital Challenge

Heller, L, and D. Millerson. All Hands on Tech: Craft, Pedagogy and the Digital Challenge. Research Wednesdays, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, 2017

What does “handmade” mean in the digital age? OCAD U faculty Lynne Heller and Dorie Millerson (MAAD chair) consider the place of digital craft at OCAD University from the perspectives of faculty, staff and technicians. Developed organically out of the everyday experiences of practitioners at OCAD U in Material Art & Design (MAAD), a department rooted in craft processes and materiality, the presentation questions how digital craft methods are changing teaching and learning in the studio and speculate how to understand objects that are produced by digital tools instead of through embodied making methods.

image credit: Photographer unknown. (1953). 'Lily Maley and class, Glendon Hall'. OCAD University Visual Resources & Special Collections, [PH554 / 20_220_022]

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