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IOTA 2021 Futuring Craft

IOTA 2021 Futuring Craft

Heller, L, and D. Millerson. Craft Pedagogy in Precarious Times, IOTA21 Futuring Craft: Conference, Curtin University, Perth, AU, 2021

The 2021 Futuring Craft conference was presented by the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial (IOTA) in collaboration with Curtin University School of Design and the Built Environment to address matters that traverse craft from design, environment, economies and fundamental human rights. It brought together academics, makers and the craft sector from Australia and countries of the Indian Ocean and beyond, supporting the IOTA21 international exhibition 'Curiosity and Rituals of the Everyday'.

Our presentation discussed embodied pedagogy and digital technology through the lens of precariousness. Our findings draw from an in-progress Canadian research project titled Thinking Through Craft and the Digital Turn (CDT). We are investigating how digital technology is integrated into post-secondary craft studios and curriculum as well as how the community engages with or perceives the digital turn. 

In Canada, studio craft is taught in a small number of post-secondary art and design programs. Students, faculty and technicians in these programs explore the relationship of handwork to digital technologies daily with varying degrees of access to tools and facilities. Due to a lack of research available on craft and digital pedagogy in Canada, our project is tasked with furthering our understanding of the adoption of digital technologies—tools, methodologies and networks—and how they intersect with traditional processes. 

image credit: Indian Ocean Craft Triennial 2021  

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